Argentine Citizenship, Requirements, And Processing

There are two ways for foreigners to become citizens of Argentina: by option and by naturalization.

by option

by naturalization

Argentine nationality cannot be renounced. If foreign citizens have another or many other nationalities, this does not prevent the possibility of accessing Argentine nationality.


You can be Argentine and simultaneously have many other nationalities.

Nationality By Option

If you are the daughter/son of a native Argentine father or mother and were born abroad, you can opt for Argentine nationality. The procedure is carried out at the Argentine consulate (if you are abroad) or at RENAPER (National Registry of Persons) or civil registries (if you are in the country).

Requirements for the option for Argentine nationality

– Being the child of a native Argentine father or mother.

– If you are over 18 years of age, it is up to you to make the option.

– If you are under 18 years of age, the holders of parental authority will be the only ones authorized to make the option for your benefit.


Note: *** If your child was born abroad, you can give them Argentine nationality


You can go to the consulate closest to your home to process the Option of Argentine nationality for children of Argentines born abroad .

Nationality By Naturalization

It is a judicial process that is carried out exclusively at the Argentine Federal courts. And it grants you the Letter of Argentine Citizenship.

What you need?

 – Being over 18 years.

– Have 2 years of uninterrupted and documented residence in the country, certified by the National Directorate of Migrations (except if you married a native Argentine citizen and/or have a native child).

– Birth certificate duly legalized as appropriate, with Apostille and/or International Legalization.

– Photocopy of ID, or/and passport.

– Background certificate, Police Certificate, or NonCriminal Certificate

– Domicile certificate, this can be billings on your name, eg, gas, electricity, or water.

– Justification of means of livelihood: employment contract, the current work certificate, or salary receipt. In case of being self-employed, photocopy of proof of tax payments.

– If there are Argentine children, attach a photocopy of the birth certificates and certificate from the Directorate of Migrations.

How to process the Argentinian citizenship process?

Present yourself in a Civil Court with all the documentation:

– If you live in the City of Buenos Aires, you can go to the National Chamber of Federal Civil and Commercial Appeals, located at Talcahuano 550 (Ground Floor, Office 2083), from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

– If you live in other parts of the country, you can go to the National Civil and Federal Commercial Court closest to your home.

Obtain the Citizenship letter.

When you are invited to the official ceremony of taking an oath of citizenship, the Court will ask you a few questions, and after that will officially sign your Citizenship Letter of Proof. Within one or two weeks, your data will be registered at Renaper, and the Argentine nationality is formally acquired at the moment in which the Testimony of the Record is incorporated into a RENAPER. You can take a turno for your Permanent DNI, with Argentinian nationality written on it. After that, only after DNI, you can request your Argentinian passport. 


Once you have your Citizenship Letter, you can process your new DNI with Citizenship Letter as an Argentine citizen at Renaper. For more detailed information, please refer to the DNI Processing article