Temporary Residence As A Migrant Worker

If you are a foreigner and want to settle in Argentina as a hired worker, we explain how to obtain residency.

Required Documents:

1.- Valid passport. If you are from a bordering country, you can present a valid identity card or certificate of nationality with a photo.

2.- Argentine criminal record. Incorporated into the RaDEX

3.- Criminal record of the country of origin. The Document must be endorsed by the Argentine consular authority or with the Hague Convention apostilled OR endorsed by the consular authority of the issuing country in Argentina (only valid for Mercosur and associated countries). Required only from foreigners over 16 years of age.

4.- Certificate of address or utility bill in your name.

5.- Stamp of entry to the country stamped on the travel document.

6.- Pre-employment contract signed by the parties, specifying:

  • Personal data of the parties.
  • Tasks to be carried out by the foreigner, duration of the working day, duration of the employment relationship, address where the foreigner will carry out tasks.
  • Remuneration to be received (must be adjusted to the collective labor agreement of the activity to be carried out)
  • CUIT number of the employer. -If the employer is represented by a third party, he must accompany the power of style that designates him as such.
  • The signatures must be certified by a notary public or before an agent of the National Directorate of Migration at the time of initiating the residence application.

See model of employment contract

7.- Proof of registration of the employer before the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).

8.- Proof of registration of the employer in the Single Registry of Foreigners Requiring of the National Directorate of Migration (Disp. DNM 54.618/08)

Employment based immigration to Argentina