Visa Overview

Argentina is one the most attractive countries in the World not only for tourism purposes, but for life as well. People from all over the world interested to relocate to Argentina. This section is for those who need a visa to enter Argentina.

So, there are multiple visa types to legally enter Argentina, such as:


Business visa
Electronic travel authorization (ave) for chinese citizens
Family reunification visa
Student visa + 365 days
Student visa – 365 days
Syria programme
Tourist Visa
Visa by nationality
Visa for expatriate staff
Visa for members of non-catholic clergy
Visa for members of the catholic church clergy
Visa to attend congresses and fairs, or to carry out technical, scientific, artistic or professional activities
Working visa


If you need visa support, our company can provide consultations for you, provide you invitation letters (for tourism or medical treatment purposes), submit your documents to designated universities for study permit, and provide you preparation support for the interview with the visa officer and other assistance to boost your visa approval.


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