• Q1.How To Immigrate To Argentina?

    Argentina’s Government has visa-free agreements with Leading multiple countries. So the first step is to enter the country and submit your legalization documents within the country for a Permanent or Temporary stay.

  • Q2.How Can I Get A Student Visa?

    Only authorized academic organizations are able to issue a letter for a study permit. Before submitting your documents to study, make sure if the University would be able to support a letter for your study permit.

  • Q3.How much does immigration cost?

    Each case is different. Please consult immi.legal to assess your case.

  • Q4.How do I contact immi.legal Consultant?

    The best way to contact consultants is via Whatsapp. However, you can send messages on Facebook, Instagram, email, or call directly.

  • Q5.Do I qualify for the Rentista Immigration Pathway?

    Do I qualify for the Rentista Immigration Pathway? In order to be able to be eligible for the Rentista Residency, you must have a passive income of minimum USD 2300 to support yourself and your family.  This should NOT require your engagement as a full-time or part-time work activity. It should be an income such as from renting a property or valuable documents. If you are from a country where you don’t need a visa to enter Argentina, you can ...

  • Q6.How can I extend my visa?

    Yes, you can extend your visa as many times as you want.

  • Q7.What types of ID are acceptable as proof-of-identity?

    You have to have your travel Document or passport.

  • Q8.How do I pay for this service?

    Crypto is the most preferred payment method. We also accept Wechat, Alipay, Paypal, Payoneer, and Western Union.

  • Q9.How long the processing lasts?

    Residency processing may vary from three months to two years depending on which type of residency you are applying to. Mainly, Permanent Residency is approved very fast, if you have a close relative or born child in Argentina.

  • Q10. Do I have to stay in Argentina after the submission of my documents?

    If you have submitted your documents for Citizenship, you do NOT necessarily have to stay in Argentina. Our Lawyers will do it for you remotely.