Temporary Residence For Family Reunification

If you have a permanent resident family members, you will have rights to apply for the Temporary Residency Permit (DNI Temporaria). In case if you have family members, not only permanent residents, but citizens as well, then you can apply for the Permanent Residency Permit (DNI Permanente).

Required Documents:

1.- Valid passport

2.- Argentine criminal record.

3.- Criminal record of the country of origin. The Document has/must be endorsed by the Argentine consular authority or with the Hague Convention apostilled or endorsed by the consular authority of the issuing country in Argentina (only valid for Mercosur and associated countries). Required only from foreigners over 16 years of age.

4.- Certificate of address or utility bill in your name.

5.- Stamp of entry to the country stamped on the travel document.

The National Directorate of Migration will grant temporary residence to those who prove:

  • Being a spouse, parent or unmarried child under eighteen (18) years of age, of an immigrant with temporary residence.

To do this you must prove:

  • Birth or marriage certificate duly legalized that proves the alleged family relationship.
  • Document proving temporary resident status.