How To Get Temporary Residency In Argentina?

Argentina is one of the most attractive countries in the world for permanent or temporary residency. Many people from around the World are coming to Argentina for various purposes, either for studies, work, or just rising children in Argentina. Because Argentina is in the list of countries comfortable for rising children and equal rights for women. Human rights, especially women right, and same-sex orientation people rights are super preserved by the law and by the court. Many diversities and different ethnicities are easily finding welcoming home in Argentina. So, let’s share here few points regarding the temporary residency in Argentina.

Temporary Residency Types in Argentina

There are total 14 legalization types to stay legally in Argentina.

We will highlight most usual cases of legalization types and if you need other types of legalization in the listed, please contact our consultants for the paid consultations.

Required Documents:

– Identification Document. Usually this is your International Passport. It needs to be translated by an official translator in Argentina and certified by a collegium of translators.

– Birth or Marriage certificate. Which of the two documents you need depends on the basis for legalization.

-Police Clearance Certificate in Argentina. It can be obtained from a special department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Argentina.

-Confirmation of non-conviction from your Home Country and other countries where you have spent more than 1 year in total over the past three years.

– An entry stamp to Argentina. This is usually the Argentina entry stamp you have in your passport.

– Certificate of Residence, means that you physically reside in Argentina. It will be issued at the nearest police station. Or you can bring an Argentinean gas, water or electricity bill on your name.

– Payment Confirmation. This is the permanent residency payment paid to Government through bank. You can pay with a bank card through the RADEX system or physically at the bank.

– Special Document for each type separately, such as Certificate from your Educational Institution, Employment Contract, or Ownership of Business or Property bringing you a steady Income
for Rentier Residency in Argentina.

What we offer?

We offer you full guidance and accompany in all steps in having you your legal status in Argentina. We guide you to professional translators certified by Translators Association, otherwise translation performed in your home country won’t be accepted. So, this is something you need to bear in mind, that you need to do all your translations here in Argentina. But legalizations are done in your home country, or at the embassy of your home country located in Argentina.


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