Legalization of Marriage and Divorce Documents in Buenos Aires

In our ongoing commitment to simplify your immigration procedures, we provide you with a guide to facilitate obtaining the necessary authorization for your marriage or cohabitation in Buenos Aires. This guide is specially designed for those citizens who have married and divorced abroad.


This authorization is crucial, as it not only streamlines the marriage process but also paves the way for Argentine citizenship in specific cases. In this detailed guide, you will find essential information about requirements and steps, along with guidance on how this process can be pivotal in expediting the Argentine citizenship process in particular situations. We are here to guide you through this process, providing you with the necessary information to make your experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Welcome to the path to your new chapter in Argentina!

Road Map

First Things First: What is TAD

Trámites a Distancia (TAD) is like a virtual government office. From your home or any place with internet, you can carry out your immigration procedures without the need to personally visit an office. Everything is done online, without physical paperwork, using your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.


This module acts as an electronic portal available 24/7. You can submit documents, initiate procedures, and make online payments directly on the platform using your credit card or various payment methods offered. Additionally, you can handle these tasks yourself, or if you prefer, a trusted person can do it for you.


With this system, you can track the progress of your procedures at any time and from anywhere. You can view the start date, the file code, the current status, and other important details. Basically, it’s a simpler and more convenient way to handle government procedures without leaving your home.


But in order to access TAD, you must first have a username and password in the MiBA application. So let’s learn more about MiBA before we dive into TAD and the entire procedure.

Understanding MiBA: Exploring the Purpose of This App

If you’re wondering about the mobile application “miBA,” we’ll explain it simply. This app is a digital platform for managing procedures and appointments online in the city. It allows you to efficiently manage your user account to carry out various procedures through its web portal. 

This platform has various security levels that will determine the necessary permissions based on the amount of information you provide. Now, let’s proceed with its explanation:

MiBA Level 1: Basic Access

To start with Level 1, just make sure you have a miBA account with your confirmed email and your details approved by the National Registry of Persons (ReNaPer). To do this, sign up using the CUIL document type.


The miBA platform allows you to access your digital documents through identity validation, providing the convenience of consulting them when needed.


Requirements for Level 1:

a. Have an account in miBA with verified email and data validated by the National Registry of Persons (ReNaPer).

b. Register with the CUIL document type.

How to get your CUIL? What is CUIL?

CUIL stands for Código Único de Identificación Laboral”, which translates to Unique Labor Identification Code in English. In brief, it’s Social Security Number (SSN). If you are a foreigner, you must generate a provisional CUIL after completing procedures in immigration. Once you obtain the DNI for foreigners or naturalized citizens, you can generate the definitive CUIL by requesting unification with the provisional one. 


Note: CUIL can be obtained with the Precaria as well. 


Requirements for individuals over 18 years old:

– DNI for foreigner/naturalized citizen.

– If you still don’t have a DNI:

– Migration file stating the type of current residence and entry into the country (Precaria). 

– Passport reflecting the type of residence, excluding tourist or permanent categories.

– Entry permits to the country are issued by consulates or under international agreements.


Requirements for individuals under 18 years old:

– Birth certificate with information about the minor and parents. If issued abroad, it must be legalized or apostilled, and if not in Spanish, it must be translated.

– ID of the child and parents.


– In the case of an adopted child: testimony or copy of the adoption sentence, ID of the child, and adoptive parents.

In-Person Process Without Appointment

The procedure is carried out in person without the need for an appointment. If you already have CUIL, you can obtain the certificate online or by entering Mi ANSES, calling 130, or at an ANSES office without an appointment.

– Gather the documentation.

– Go to an ANSES Office: Go to any office without an appointment, from 08:30 to 14:00, presenting only your ID.

Two Paths Arise From Here On

Levels 2 and 3 in miBA present key differences. Level 2 involves linking with the AGIP access method and requires that the City Code has been previously managed. On the other hand, level 3 is conditional on identity validation, allowing the management of specific procedures and access to documents and information through the miBA application.


Note: It is important to note that it is not necessary to have reached level 2 to obtain level 3.


Let’s see it more clearly:

MiBA Level 2: Advanced Access with Clave Ciudad

This level requires linking to the AGIP access method. The Clave Ciudad is obtained online with the AFIP Fiscal Key, more simply and safely.

– How is the Clave Ciudad generated?

Clave Ciudad Level 2 can be obtained in person at certain locations or online, with a web appointment in case of inconsistencies during online generation.


Requirements for Level 2:

Native or Naturalized Argentinians

– DNI, CL, or LE: Original and photocopy.

– Proof of CUIT or CUIL.


Foreigners with Residence in the Country

– DNI, LC, or LE: Original and photocopy.

– Proof of CUIT or CUIL.

– Identity document of the country of origin, passport, including temporary or transitory ones, that do not have a national identity document: Original and photocopy of the identity card, or the certificate or proof accrediting the file number assigned by the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones, stating the nature of their residence.

– In case the declared fiscal address is not updated in the DNI, it must be accompanied by a fiscal address certificate issued by the Police or deed or sale contract or lease contract for housing.

MiBA Level 3: Advanced Access with Clave Ciudad

To reach this level, you will need to have your National Identity Document (DNI). This level requires you to complete identity validation, for which you should follow these steps in the miBA application:

1. Log in with your email or CUIL and password,

2. Select the “Start” option to validate your identity,

3. Scan the front and back of your DNI,

4. Confirm your details, and perform the requested gestures.


Once your identity is validated, you can carry out tasks that require level 3 and access your documents and information through the miBA application.


Let's Return To TAD To Complete The Procedure

  1. Login with miBA username and password.
  2. Upload the requested documentation.

Required Documentation for the Procedure

1. Marriage certificate with divorce registration, issued by the Civil Registry of the Jurisdiction where the marriage took place and apostilled.


The “Marriage Certificate” is an official document that records the marriage, detailing the names, dates, places, and signatures of the parties and witnesses. The “Divorce Registration” is an update of this certificate to reflect the end of the marriage due to divorce, carried out at the Civil Registry where the marriage was celebrated.


2. Authenticated copy of the judicial resolution that decreed the divorce.

The “Judicial Resolution” is a document issued by a court that formalizes the dissolution of the marriage. It contains details about divorce terms such as property division, child custody, and alimony. The “Marriage Jurisdiction” refers to the geographical area or specific court with legal authority over the marriage, issuing the judicial resolution formalizing the divorce.

Translations and Legalization

From the documentation mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is necessary to undergo a process of translation and legalization for it to gain authenticity and validity in our country. There are two possible scenarios:


1. Having entered the country with documentation previously internationally apostilled;

2. Having the required documentation but without any form of Legalization, in which case you must apostille your documentation in Argentina.


If you arrived in the country with documentation already internationally apostilled, you only need to translate it through a certified translator and then authenticate this translation at the public translator’s office located in Avda. Corrientes 1834, Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00. To schedule an appointment, click here.


If you have the documentation but it lacks any form of authentication, you must follow the procedure outlined below to apostille these documents. This process is the following:

a) Contact the technical team via email at [email protected] on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00. Attach the document to be processed, along with the requester’s identification document and the completed HABILITACIÓN FORM.

b) The average processing time for these procedures is 30 business days.

Contact Information: For inquiries not covered in the above sections, contact us via email at [email protected] on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00. You will receive an automated response with answers to frequently asked questions and tutorial videos. Subsequently, your specific query will be addressed.

If you have documents related to international trade, reach out to the email [email protected].

Next Step to Complete the Trámite

1. Access the ‘Trámites a Distancia’ (TAD) platform.

2. Log in with your miBA username and password.

3. Follow the steps provided by the system and upload the requested documentation.

4. Once the documentation is verified and deemed correct, you will be instructed on how to generate the payment voucher. Please refrain from generating the voucher before receiving the corresponding instructions.

5. After the agency reviews the documentation and approves the process, you will be notified to generate the payment voucher in TAD from “Mis trámites” – “select the initiated file” – “payments” – “choose the corresponding concept.”

Once you make the payment, you can schedule the appointment for the marriage, and we recommend reviewing our section “A Marriage Processing Guide in Buenos Aires” and “Detailed Guide for Foreigners Seeking the Charm of Marriage” for additional information on the marriage process.

Before we jump into the conclusion, let me tell you little bit about payment procedure: 

1) Go to this page
2) Choose option AFIP at the bottom of the page, and login to your account as instructed above
3) Choose the option: “Documentos Publico con Firma Digital”
4) Fill the form
5) Upload necessary Document in pdf format
6) Choose one of three payment options: e.g “Mis Cuentas…”
7) Go to your Local bank account, choose “Pagar Servicios” 
8) Type VEP, and choose “Impuestas AFIP VEP”
9) Type your CUIT number in the field “CUIT del Contribuyente” and Type the CUIT number of the person from whose bank account you paying for. If it is your spouse bank account that you paying for, then your spouse should write her CUIT in the fileld “CUIT del Generador”
10) And then follow the further intsructions


In the pursuit of a new beginning in Buenos Aires, takes pride in being your reliable ally in the process of obtaining authorization for marriage or cohabitation. In this journey, we have outlined a clear and accessible path, ensuring to simplify requirements and provide digital options for a hassle-free experience.


From creating your account in miBA to obtaining CUIL, our customer-focused approach guarantees a smooth transition at every step. With access levels that adapt to your needs, miBA and Clave Ciudad are the digital keys that give you complete control over your procedures.


Our commitment to efficiency is reflected in the possibility of obtaining the certificate online if you already have CUIL, avoiding unnecessary waiting times. The TAD platform offers you the convenience of handling procedures from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for in-person visits to offices.


By working with us, you not only find a consultancy service but a committed partner in making every step of your migration process a secure advance toward a new chapter in your life. We simplify the complex and provide the expert guidance you need to face the future with confidence. Discover how we can pave the way for you today!

   – No appointment needed, available at any location.

   – Operating hours: 08:30 to 14:00.

   – Present only the National Identity Document (DNI).

   – CUIL is NOT required for the change of address, but necessary for the marriage process.

   – Translation: $21,000.00 to $42,000.00

   – Translation legalization: $8,000.00

   – TAD (Document Authentication Tax): $900.00

   – Urgent legalization: $8,800 (In-person processing immediately or by appointment for priority attention)

   – Regular legalization: $8,500 (Deferred in-person processing, ready within 24 business hours)