Argentinian Permanent Residency (DNI Permanente)

Argentina offers a viable pathway to permanent residency for individuals with familial ties to Argentine citizens or for those who have maintained legal temporary residency in the country. The Argentinian Permanent Residency, commonly referred to as “DNI Permanente,” provides a robust option for spouses, children, or parents of native Argentine citizens, including those in same-sex marriages, which have been legally recognized since 2010. This policy aligns with Argentina’s inclusive approach and global connectivity. Additionally, individuals who have lived in Argentina for more than three years under temporary residency, including employees of embassies, consulates, or international organizations, as well as refugees under certain conditions, can also apply for permanent residency. The process involves the submission of various documents, such as identification, police clearance, and proof of residence, along with the necessary fees. The “Argentina PR” process symbolizes the country’s commitment to fostering a multicultural and welcoming environment for expatriates and their families.

Argentine Permanent Residency - Argentine Family Member

According to Argentinian law,  the spouse, child or parent of Argentine citizens (naturalized or by birth) receive an instant right for Argentine Permanent Residence. In addition, spouse, child or parent of Argentines by birth can apply to the court for Argentine citizenship instantly. In other words, if you are spouse, child or parent of Argentinian citizen you can apply for permanent residency immediately. And if you are spouse, child or parent of Argentinian citizen who obtained his/her citizen in a naturalized way, then you have to wait two years to apply for the citizenship. However, if you are spouse or Argentinian citizen who was by born in Argentina, then you can apply for the citizenship immediately.

Due to the fact that Same-sex marriage in Argentina has been legal since July 22, 2010, the option of obtaining Argentine citizenship through marriage is the most accessible option for foreigners from all over the world.

Residencia Permanente Argentina Via Residencia Temporaria Argentina

Permanent residence in Argentina can be obtained by all holders of a residence permit in Argentina, non-residents of MERCOSUR who have lived in the country for more than three years. Permanent residence in Argentina can be obtained by employees of embassies, consulates or international organizations living in Argentina for more than three years. In addition, refugees receive the right to permanent residence in Argentina if, during their stay in Argentina, they had a child, they married a citizen or resident of Argentina, or lived in the country in the status of temporary residents for more than three years.

Permanent Residency Documents Required:

– Identification Document. Usually this is your International Passport. It needs to be translated by an official translator in Argentina and certified by a collegium of translators.
– Birth or Marriage certificate. Which of the two documents you need depends on the basis for legalization.
— Police Clearance Certificate in Argentina. It can be obtained from a special department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Argentina.
– Confirmation of non-conviction from your Home Country and other countries where you have spent more than 1 year in total over the past three years.
– An entry stamp to Argentina. This is usually the Argentina entry stamp you have in your passport.
– Certificate of Residence, means That you phisically reside in Argentina. It will be issued at the nearest police station. Or you can bring an Argentinean gas, water or electricity bill on your name.

– Payment Confirmation. This is the permanent residency payment paid to Government through bank. You can pay with a bank card through the RADEX system or phisically at the bank.