Medical Visa Overview

Argentinian medicine is proudly one of the top medicines in the World. Bot Public and Private medicine is great in Argentina. The only differenceis that there are a lot of people waiting the line for public medicine. But the Private medicine is prepaid, and appointments arranged inadvnce so that you can plan your schedule well in advance. Plastic Surgery, is extremely improved in Argentina. Many US.Europe people come to Argentina for medical treatment, not only it is comparatively cheap, but it is really at high level!!!

In oder to get a temporary stay based on medical treatment, you would need to provide Clinical History stating the pathology and the medical treatment to be followed, signed by the Director of the Public Hospital or signed by the person in charge of a private institution legalized in the Ministry of Health.

Our Medical Visa Package

We arrange a personalized medical translator for your further communications with the Doctors, and submit your documents for your legal staying in Argentina. We can arrange hotels, or help you to rent an apartment in the best area of the Capital City of Buenos Aires.

Reason for Choosing Us

We are a team working with immigrants coming from all parts of the world, and experiencing the best medical service from inside. We know which medical Insurance is the best, and which insurance plan to choose.