Temporary Residence As A Student

Anyone who wants to settle in the country to study in Argentina.

Which Courses And Institutes Are Suitable For Legalization Through Study In Argentina?

Below you will find approximately 10,000 Universities, Entities, Institutes and companies registered in RENURE , the list of educational organizations designated for the issuance of the Certificate for the Study Permit. Usually, majority of Public Universities and Bigger Private Universities are eligible to issue such Certificates, not all of them. The only way to check this to contact university and ask them directly either by mail or phone.

Study Permit can only be obtained if the duration of the academic study is at least a 3 years with a mandatory requirement for a school certificate (the so-called carera). This can be Bachelor Degree, Master’s Degree or PhD. If your child is a Secondary School student and speaks Spanish, you may have the opportunity to apply for Temporary Residence for your child if they enroll in one of the designated secondary schools from the list. Secondary Schools Starts from grade 8 in Argentina, included. Some of Schools may start from grade 7. You need to consult with each specific designated School for details.  Along with your child’s Residency, dependents may apply for the residency as well. Consult with our lawyers for details. 

Majority of academic studies are held in Spanish language, except few might be held in English languages. Public Universities are supported by the Government, so if you know the Spanish language, then you have chance to study for free.

Required Documents:

1.- Identity Card, Passport or Certificate of Nationality.

2.- Birth Certificate and that related to the Civil Status of the persons, according to the cause of filing invoked.

3.- Argentine Criminal Record Certificate issued by the National Registry of Recidivism or the Federal Police (Only required for those over 16 years of age). Incorporated into the Radex

4.- Certificate that reliably certifies that there are no previous convictions or pending criminal proceedings, issued by the competent authorities of the countries where you have resided for a period of more than ONE (1) year, during the course of the last THREE (3) years, (Only required to over 16 years).

5.- Stamp of entry to the country stamped on the travel document.

6.- Certificate of address or a bill from a public service in your name (ABL, electricity, water or gas).

According to your category you must present:

Formal Student:

  • Complete personal documentation.
  • Proof of electronic registration.