Do I qualify for the Rentista Immigration Pathway?

In order to be able to be eligible for the Rentista Residency, you must have a passive income of minimum USD 2300 to support yourself and your family.  This should NOT require your engagement as a full-time or part-time work activity. It should be an income such as from renting a property or valuable documents.

If you are from a country where you don’t need a visa to enter Argentina, you can directly visit Rentista page.

However, if you are from a country where you need a visa to enter Argentina, let’s delve into the process, starting with the visa application.

E-Visa for Entry to Argentina

Some country passport holders can obtain an e-visa to enter Argentina. We discussed this earlier in this page. If you are not yet on this list, let’s proceed and discuss further steps you need to take to legally enter Argentina.

Rentista Visa Processing Steps

Now, let’s discuss the correct process for obtaining a visa in your home country to enter Argentina legally.

Here’s the situation: Some country passport holders who have agreements with Argentina can enter Argentina without a visa and apply for a Rentista Stay within Argentina. There’s no issue with that. However, if you entered Argentina with a tourist visa, you must leave the country and apply as a Rentista from outside Argentina. Then, you can change your residency status under the Rentista category. This is the proper procedure how it is supposed to be. If you have embassy or consulate of your country in Argentina, then as an alternative solution, you may go to your come country embassy in Argentina and ask help from them. Most probably, they may help you if you have a lawyer. However, there is no Guarantee. You have to consult first. We wouldn’t recommend doing that way. The correct way is to enter Argentina with a Rentista Visa and Change your visa status to Rentista Residency. That’s what we recommend.

Obtaining a Visa for Entry into Argentina: The Correct Process

Now, let me elaborate on how the Rentista visa process happens.

First, you consult with us, and then you send your documents to us. We evaluate your documents. It’s very important to have all the documents with the apostille and the Argentine translations.

If you want to move forward with us, you write a Power of Attorney granted/signed by you, with sufficient powers to act on your behalf. (original) You have to post the original by DHL or any courier. Remember we will need also all the original copy of your Proof of Income Statement with apostille. So please before getting the apostille send me the document in order to check it. Usually the consulates make direct contact with the applicant, and of course our lawyers will communicate on behalf of our clients and,  if the consulate allows us to do so,  our lawyers will help you to get an appointment, but I can not assist you during the consular interview. In other words, we will be with you and assisting you before the actual interview. However, the ultimate decision-maker is still the visa officer, who decides whether to grant you the visa.

Let’s back to our elaboration and continue with the required documents, we will need the following information from you:

Note of your request detailing the reasons for the request, containing the following data of the interested party:
– Names and Surnames
– Date of birth
– Passport number
– Country of birth
– Nationality
– Marital status
– Profession
– Level of studies completed
– Country and city of residence
– Intended period of stay
– Consulate where the passport will be endorsed (Argentine Consulate in the country of origin, or where the foreigner resides legally)
– Address where the foreigner will reside during his/her stay in Argentina.

Also, we will need a complete and updated copy of your valid and current passport (all pages). This is because visa officers will need to see your travel history. Therefore, we need to review your travel history in order to provide necessary information to prepare you for your interview with visa officers.

Before going to the interview with the visa officers, here is what is necessary documents to prepare for Rentist Residency:

1. Certification issued by the entity obliged to make the remittance of funds, stating that the funds originate from:
– Investments in banks abroad.
– Remittances coming from banking or financial institutions abroad.
– Investments in foreign companies.
– Investments in national securities provided that they have been acquired with resources drawn from abroad.

In other words, we would suggest that you ensure that your actual documents, which you are going to submit here in Argentina, are 100% ready for submission. This is because the visa officer in your home country will also ask this question before granting you a Rentista Visa to enter the Argentina.

When you go to the consular interview, they may ask for additional documents, such as the non-criminal record certificate, etc. Please contact us if you need our assistance or if you require an invitation from Argentina to enter the country.