Argentinian Student Visa Overview

Argentinian Student Visa is for people want to study in Argentina. There are a lot of Public Universities in Argentina that provide very quality higher education. Also, there are many Public Universities that provide academic education even in English Language. If you are enrolled to one of Argentinina universities, you can stay in Legally in Argenina throughout your education and after two years of legal residence in Argentina apply for the citizenship.

Argentinian Student Visa Application, Constancia de inscripción/Proof of registration, which is: 1.Contract signed by the parties before a notary public 2.Letter from the University, signed and certified before a notary public will be asked to submit.

Here are the requirements.

Our Student Visa Package

We help you to find a proper University for your further studies and arrange online meetings for you to meet with the University Staff. If you and the University both agree, we help you to submit your documents for the nearest enrollment. In this case, you will have a letter from the Argentinian University, stating that University is open to enroll you, and thus open to issue an invitation letter for your visa processings and Student Temporary Residence permit in This amazing country.

Reason for Choosing Us

There are many reasons to choose us, first and foremost, we work with Local Argentinian Lawyer Company that provides main Tramites/Administrative Works. Apart from that, we have many cases that constantly experiencing the same pathway that your are planning to. And last but not least, we provide not only visa application support, but we also provide all necessary support until you fully integrated to Argentinian life.