Apartments For Rent In Buenos Aires 


Buenos Aires in a big Megapolis and the Capital city with over 15K population including the GBA. So, let me get on to the main question, which neighborhood is the best for foreigners (Extranjeros). I would name three neighborhoods, Palermo, Belgrano and Recoleta, maybe Colegiales, and Nunez as well.

So let’s start from the Palermo, the neighborhood with most cafe/restaurants are located in (Palermo Soho), and where most young people live. Belgrano, I would say more residential neighborhood, where most private schools settled down. Recoleta, is where most museums, cultural centers, concert halls, that stuff located. It is located at the Downtown, where during the day time is busiest neighborhood, and after work time the majority of population will travel back to their home to Palermo/Belgrano or other neighborhoods in Capital city, and local residents only stay in Downtown. We live in Palermo, and we are happy with our neighborhood, because it is surrounded with many parks. I will write a separate article about Palermo.

So, we work with the real state agencies, that maintain the contract between landlords and renters. You can rent an apartment directly from the landlord, but in Argentina, majority of apartments are through real estate agencies. So, they take all the headaches related to the rental of apartments and guarantee to the landlord that the monthly rental fee is paid properly on time.


To get a long term apartment which is for three years regulated by the government, is not an easy task. For this, you would need a “Garantia”, a person who will guarantee to the landlord or the real estate agency that “Garantia” will pay the money if you not pay for rental fees for some-reasons. If you don’t have a “Garantia”, you can not rent apartment for long terms. You can rent apartment for short terms, from Airbnb,, or local sites. The difference is in the amount of paid money. For long term apartments, the rental fee is almost twice cheaper than short term apartments. But long term apartments are empty, without furniture.  Short term apartments are usually furnished.


So, we will help you with the apartment choice, direct you to the necessary sites, advise you, if required we will visit the apartment on behalf of you, and send you real videos, because, in many cases, real estate agencies make photoshops and apartment will look big and bright and sunny, but in reality they show you the best part only. For example, the direct sunshine will fall to the apartment for 30 minutes only during the noon time, and mainly looks to the not sunny part of the building, etc.


Just tell us what are your requirements, and we will do our rest for you: [email protected]

With us you will be sure that no one will cheat you because we know the market price and its details, and we know the subtile points of hiring apartment in Argentina. We will share our real life experience and knowledge with you.