Study in Argentina? Obtain Your Argentinian Student Residence with Immi.Legal

The process of obtaining an Argentina Student Residence involves certain complexities. To acquire the necessary electronic certificate, known as the “Constancia de inscripción electrónica,” an academic institution must be registered in a special register of accredited institutions called “RENURE” under Migraciones Department. Unfortunately, the public does not have access to this register. Although theoretically anyone can add their educational institution, the migration department appoints a responsible person who undergoes specialized training and conducts periodic checks to prevent abuse. This ensures the integrity of the system. Let’s delve deeper into how this process works.

Requirements For Obtaining A Study Permit In Argentina

To apply for a Argentinian Student Visa and obtain a Argentina Student Residence, several documents and requirements must be fulfilled. These include:

  • 1. Valid passport with at least two blank pages.
  • 2. Certificate of completed school education from your home country, legalized or apostilled.
  • 3. The host university where you plan to study must be accredited by “RENURE” which is under the Argentine Migration Service  and ready to issue an electronic certificate of study.
  • 4. Electronic confirmation of your enrollment at the university, named “Constancia de Inscripcion” issued by your host academic organisation
  • 5. No criminal record from your home country, officially apostilled or legalized.
  • 6. Proof of the absence of offenses committed in Argentina, in other words Argentinian NonCriminal Certificate
  • 7. Proficiency in Spanish at least at the A2-B1 level.
  • 8. Proof of residence in Argentina (lease agreement, invitation from official residents, certificate of real estate ownership, etc.). You must demonstrate that you really physically stay in Argentina 
  • 9. Payment of the visa fee through the RADEX system.

It is important to note that all documents must be translated into Spanish and certified by a collegium of translators in Argentina. The submission of documents for a residence permit on a student visa is done within Argentina.

Only Designated Schools And Only Careras Are Eligible

Obtaining a student’s residence permit in Argentina requires studying at academic institutions offering a minimum 3-year program with a mandatory school certificate (known as “carera”). Public universities in Argentina provide tuition-free undergraduate and “carera” education. For information on career education supported by the Argentinian government for adults, visit and

There are very few universities in Argentina that provide high academic university degrees, either Bachelor’s or Master’s programs, taught in English. With these university documents, you will have 100% legitimate credentials, which will lead to both Argentine temporary residency after three years and citizenship after two years. Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs taught in English are very rare in Argentina; 99% of education is in Spanish.

If you apply for shorter courses like Spanish Language courses, the courses will only grant you a Transitoria Residence for a maximum period of one (1) year and DOES NOT enable obtaining a DNI. However, you this may be granted one year for the citizenship. Contact us to learn more details. 

To determine if an educational institution is suitable for legalization, the best approach is to email the university directly and ask the crucial question: “Is your educational institution accredited by the Migration Office and able to issue an electronic certificate of study?” It is also equally important to know if this is going to be “Formal Study” , which gives you right to obtain DNI or “Informal Study”, which DOES NOT enable obtaining a DNI. 

Residence Permit In Argentina For Students

Obtaining a residence permit through study, which was once described as the easiest and most affordable method, has now changed. The notion of simply finding free courses in Argentina and obtaining a residence permit from the migration service is no longer valid. However, once you locate the designated educational institution, obtaining a student residence permit becomes relatively straightforward. According to the migration service’s website, apart from the standard documents and visa processing fee, you only need one document: an electronic confirmation of registration for your chosen course. This confirmation must be generated from a certified computer connected to the Migraciones network, printed, and provided to you with a unique entry number. This document is known as the “CONSTANCIA DE INSCRIPCIÓN ELECTRÓNICA,” which has been the subject of much discussion and effort.

Processing The Argentina Student Residence Application

The process of submitting documents for residence in Argentina has been conducted remotely through the RADEX system since January 2019. Upon accessing the dedicated website, you will be guided through two steps: paying the fee and uploading photos of the documents that support your right to reside in Argentina. Within 90 days, you will receive an invitation for an interview where you will present the original documents. The exact processing time for online applications varies, with some individuals receiving an invitation within three weeks, while others wait for two or three months. Opting for a priority meeting allows for an interview slot 10 days after document submission. If you leave the country before receiving a decision from the migration service, the case’s consideration will be suspended.

Following the acceptance of your documents, the Argentine Migration Service issues a document called Precaria, stating that your case is under review. With this Precaria, you can freely enter and exit Argentina until your plastic identity card (DNI) is ready. It is important to note that this privilege only applies to individuals who do not require a visa to travel to neighboring countries. However, if you are from a country that requires a visa to enter Uruguay, for example, you must obtain the visa on your home country passport to enter Uruguay.





Argentine Residence Permit Extension for Students

When extending your residence permit, you will need to submit the same set of documents as required for the initial application. It is crucial to pay attention to whether your educational institution allows for the extension of study and the conditions associated with it. If the institution is accredited by the migration service but offers courses of less than a year in duration, with limited options that cannot fulfill the three-year continuous extension requirement, it is advisable to explore alternative options. Failing to meet these criteria may render you ineligible for further legalization or Argentine citizenship.

Permanent Residence In Argentina For Students

Upon completing three consecutive renewals of the student’s residence permit, you become eligible for permanent residence in Argentina based on general requirements. Additionally, after two years of legal stay under Argentina TEMPORARIA – ESTUDIOS, you have the right to pursue Argentine citizenship.