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Immi.legal: Your Immigration to Argentina

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Immigration to Argentina with immi.legal consultancy company

Immi.legal is consultancy company with Certified Lawyers in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaWelcome to Immi.legal, your premier immigration consultant company in vibrant Buenos Aires. We specialize in comprehensive assistance for individuals seeking immigration to Argentina. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you swiftly obtain a temporary residence permit, permanent residence, and Argentine citizenship (passport), enabling visa-free access to 170 countries worldwide.With our conveniently located office near the Federal Supreme Court in Downtown Buenos Aires, direct communication and efficient processing of your case are assured. Our officially licensed professionals, recognized as the best in Argentina, possess extensive expertise in handling immigration to Argentina and Argentinian citizenship matters. Our remarkable track record boasts zero refusals for immigration applications, and our multilingual support team (fluent in Spanish, English, Russian, and Chinese) provides invaluable assistance throughout the process. Clients from various countries, including the US, New Zealand, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, and more, have successfully navigated the immigration journey with us.Unlock the Power of an Argentine PassportAn Argentine passport holds significant advantages, granting visa-free entry to Schengen countries, the UK, New Zealand, and Japan, as well as offering 10-year visas to the USA, Canada, and Australia.Argentina's highly regarded passport, ranked 22nd globally, makes it an attractive destination for those seeking swift acquisition of citizenship. Depending on the circumstances, the process typically takes 8 months to 3 years after arrival.Embark on Your Immigration Journey TodayReady to start your immigration journey or learn more about our services? Reach out to us via email at [email protected] or contact us directly at +5491155257956 (WhatsApp). Our team is eager to assist you in realizing your dream of a new life in Argentina.

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