What Is Education Like In Argentina ?


Argentina Education Ranking is one the highest in the world. Due to the fact that public education system in Argentina is financed by the Government, more than 90% of the Argentinian population is educated. Private schools provide bilingual education, therefore, majority of the Argentinians can easily communicate in English Language, and other European languages such as French, German, Italy, etc.


Private Education in Argentina

Let me bring you two example, first I will start from the private Schools. One of the best private schools in Argentina, Belgrano Day School, provides education in British curriculum. All the core subjects are held in English language, and students speak fluently in English. They study Math, Science, English, Spanish, and other subjects at a high level and by the end of 12 th grade, special commission team from the UK will arrive to Buenos Aires to take IGCE exam. So, by the graduation they will have two Diplomas, British and Argentinian. Also, this school, can issue US secondary school Diploma as well if your child was enrolled to the online classes with US school. Core subject covered by local Argentina school and English languages covered by US School, so at the end they will issue diploma which is telling that US education recognizes this local schools curriculum.

Public Education in Argentina

Public Education Argentina is also great! They cover all necessary subject to give children basic knowledge. Once they graduate Primary Education level, they will choose which Secondary School they will study. For example, Colegio Carlos Pellegrini has scientific direction, they emphasis studies on science, rather than languages. However, Colegio Vivas Lenguas focuses mainly on languages.

There are Catholic schools where partly financed by Catholic Church, therefore is being more affordable for many families. They do not force to study religion, but it is in the list of mandatory classes. Their education level is also high.


So, brief recap, you can choose education in Argentina by your budget and situation. All types of eduction in Argentina is at the high level. They study Spanish, English, and/or other European languages. Your child will speak Spanish very well, because Castilian (local Spanish) is mandatory in Argentina.

What we offer? 

We will help you choose a proper school for your child and help you to submit your application successfully at a required time. Academic year starts in March and ends in December/January in Argentina. Not in the September and ends in June/July as in the North Pole. It is vise-versa, because of the location on the south hemisphere. Both Public and Private schools are in high demand, so vacancies are always limited. You need to submit your application at specific times so that your case will be in the processing list. Otherwise, all the best places will be taken and more than allowed amount of student are not allowed to be enrolled. For example, if 12 students initially set for the class, they cannot take 13th student. This is not allowed in Argentina. Many schools, start registration online in December, and take test in February. We will help you will finding the best school for your needs and submitting your application. Just drop us a line: [email protected]