Immigration to Canada via Argentina

Immigration to Canada is being one of the trendings recent years, due to the high live standards in Canada and the high demand for overseas workers in Canada. Canada is one the aging countries, and if Canada doesn’t attract international workers, elders and children would be required to work in the market. That’s why Canada is attracting various specialists from overseas. Argentina is one of the potential countries from where people relocate to Canada, especially foreign people naturalized in Argentina. So many Ukrainian immigrants have moved to Canada from Argentina as far as I know.

In 2023, almost half a million immigrants will be processed. However, not all of them will go through Express Entry. The major focus is on the Provincial programs through job offers with Canadian local employers. So, as long as you can find the job offer with LMIA support, you can find yourself in Canada. But this is not an easy task. Because you have billions of competitors, you should have the right strategy. If you are an IT specialist, you should be a super monster IT expert to be able to compete, or you can find in-demand jobs in the Canadian provinces. You will be able to find all major immigration programs and immigration pilot projects below.

Immigration Streams and Pilots

Immigration Pilots:

Atlantic Immigration Program (must have a job offer from Designated Employers)

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (must have a job offer from local community employers)

BC Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) (must have a job offer from BC employers)
International Skilled Worker Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot (need a job offer)

Provincial Programs:

In-Demand Programs:

OINP Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills Stream (must have a job offer from BC employer)

Nova Scotia Occupations in Demand (must have 1 year of work experience + Job offer from the same employer in NS)

Manitoba In-Demand Occupations (need job offer from MB employers)

Priority Skills NL (must have worked one full year in the last 10 years in NL)

Saskatchewan In-Demand (no need for a job offer, only need +60 points)

Expression of Interest

Manitoba Skilled Workers Overseas EOI (need relative in Manitoba)

Ontario Foreign Worker EOI (need a job offer or Express Entry)

Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker EOI need +60 points and $350 application fee)

Tech Pathways

Saskatchewan Tech Talent Pathway (need a job offer + 1-year relevant work experience in/out of Canada)
BC PNP Tech In-Demand Tech Stream (need job offer from BC employers)

Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway (must have a job offer with an Alberta-based tech industry employer )

Benefits Of Immigration To Canada Via Argentina

Simplified Us/Canada Visa For Ten Years

Now, you might be wondering why through Argentina. I will tell you why. First of all, Argentina is one of the strong countries in terms of passports. With Argentinian passports, you can travel visa-free to over 170 countries globally. Yes, you would need a visa to travel to US/Canada, but in the simplified form, where you can easily get the visa to US/Canada for ten years. 

Easy Self-Employment For The Freelancers

Another reason why immigrate to Canada via Argentina is the self-employment work experience. It is very straightforward to register a self-employed sole proprietorship (Monotributo) in Argentina and create an official work experience under the specific stream you target. Yes, you need to target a stream and sharpen your profile under that program. Otherwise, you might have big rivals that can beat you easily.

Have Priority Freelancing Opportunities To Work For US/Canada Companies

Another benefit of immigration via Argentina is the job opportunities in Argentina. Although the unemployment rate is super high in Argentina, so many educated local Argentinians work for US/Canadian companies from Argentina due to the same time zone. Many North American companies have local offices in Argentina and head offices in US/Canada. The other majority part of remote workers is freelancers as US companies prefer Latin American specialist due to the same time zone again. So, you will have the privilege of freelancing in Argentina.

Learn the French Language In Argentina For Free

There are absolutely free French classes held by the Government of Buenos Aires. After 6 pm, at public schools, German, Chinese, French, English, Italian and Portuguese courses are offered for adults at public schools after children’s classes. The registration is held in December, and actual classes started in February, after the summer holidays in Argentina. English and French language skills are the most important point factors for you in your immigration to Canada, so you can get that opportunity for free in Argentina. 


Argentina is a great trampoline to immigrate to Canada. You will have more chances and fewer competitors relocating to North America via Argentina. With an Argentinan passport, you can travel to Europe without a visa, with an Argentinan passport you can get a simplified visa to US/Canada for ten years. In Argentina, you will have more chances to find freelance opportunities working for US/Canada companies due to the same time zone. You can get Argentinian citizenship faster than anywhere in the world. If you are interested in moving to Argentina first and would like to enjoy the Argentinian life as being freelancer, you are more than welcome!!! Please contact us for more detailed information as to how to legalize yourself in Argentina.