DNI Processing in Argentina

Let me share the in formation as to how and where to register a DNI application and submit it for the temporary or permanent residency in Argentina.


Well, here is the official link to the RENAPER, which is the immigration department in Argentina: https://www.argentina.gob.ar/interior/dni

In this particular blog, I will share my personal experience in the DNI processing in the Capital City of Buenos Aires. All the extranjeros, the foreigners, should be processed their DNI in the Central Immigration Office located in Av. Antártida Argentina 1355, C1104 CABA. Other immigration offices will not accept your application if you are foreigner, at least that’s what I had in my case. So, at the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones located in the Av. Antártida, there is a department named Edificio 6, which is special building specifically processes DNI for the Foreigners.



In order to get there, you need to take a turno, shift, or appointment, which is given by the Immigration Officers after you register/submit your application online via the platform: https://www.argentina.gob.ar/interior/dni


They will send you invitation to show up in person, with all the documents you need to submit in original, and take your photo and finger prints. Actually, they will take another photo and fingerprints again after your permanent residency is approved.


By the way, even if you have a turno to show up in person, let say at 10 am, you need to go there at very early time, such as at 7 am or 8 am, because there is a big line waiting to enter the Immigration Department too.


So, here are the documents you will be asked to provide in original:




Documents required:

Birth certificate Apostiled/Legalized in your home country, or notarized by the Argentinian consulate in the country of origin and translated here in Argentina and Legalized after translation is completed. Usually translator gets that last Legalization stamp for you which is included the translation services.

  • Photocopy of your International Passport
  • Marriage Certificate Apostile/Legalized if married also translated in Argentina in a same way.
  • Proof of residence in Argentina. This is a certificate issued by the local Comissaria/Police department. To get this certificate you need to provide your passport and rental contract/billing on your name such as electricity/gas/water bills
  • Children’s birth certificates if you are applying residency via your child, or letter from your university if you are applying for the Student Temporary Residency, or Employment contract if you are applying for Temporary Work Permit.
  • Non-Criminal Certificate issued by your last residential country you stayed more than 6 months. This must be apostiled or legalized by the Consulate of the Argentina located in that country you stay in.
  • On top of this, you need to provide Certificado de Antecedentes Penales/Non-Criminal Certificate issued by Argentinian Authorities too. This is issued by Registro Nacional de Residencia: https://www.dnrec.jus.gov.ar/InicioTramite/default.aspx They have an office located in the Central Immigration Department located in Av.Antartida. Or, you just show up with this document prepared before you invited to the turno for fingerprints.

Let me go ahead and provide all possible reasons/base you to request a temporary or permanent residency in Argentina. You can easily request permanent residency if you are father/mother/brother/sister/ husband/wife/ son/daughter of Argentinian. For this you would be asked to provide original document that proofs your relation to Argentinian citizen, which is in Spanish language.

If you are father/mother/brother/sister/ husband/wife/ son/daughter of Argentinian Resident (not citizen), then you can apply for the Temporary Residence.


Otherwise, you need to provide following documents:


All the documents and application process must be in Spanish language. All the translations must be done in Argentina and this translation must be Legalized by the local translation authorities. Here is the link to the translation organization: https://www.traductores.org.ar/

You can process your DNI/Permanent or Temporary Residency by your self using this guide. Or, we can help you with. We work with Local Lawyer, who has been specializing in Immigration processes since 1994. Read more about the Immigration Lawyer here.


After you stay two years in Argentina in a legal Status, you apply for the Argentinian Residency. Or, you can apply to Argentinian Citizenship immediately if you are direct and close relative or Argentinian.


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