Childbirth In Argentina

Nowhere else in the world can you obtain a second passport as fast as you can have Argentinian citizenship after giving birth to your baby. In some countries, getting citizenship can take years. But in Argentina, despite the bureaucracy, it’s much faster, and the Argentinian passport is very powerful!

Why Argentina Is The Best Country For Childbirth

1) High-quality medicine

By choosing to give birth in Argentina, you get access to world-class top medicine. Health care is free for both citizens and foreigners, supported by the Government. Your student visa, tourist visa, any type of visa counts you as a temporary resident and gives you access to the state’s health services. 

2) Variety of Hospitals

Buenos Aires is a metropolitan with the best doctors and high quality hospitals, both private and public, are best on the continent! Many doctors speak English, and even US educated. So, usually, you won’t have any problem with communication even if you do not speak Spanish. 

3) Legalization Privileges

You do not need to apply for a visa extension after giving birth to your child. You become a parent of an Argentinian child born a citizen, and therefore you can forget about visas for good. You will automatically have the right to submit for your Argentinian Permanent Residency, and for citizenship

4) Dual Citizenship For Your Child

There is no need to renounce your country’s citizenship at all. Giving birth in Argentina allows a child to have two passports

5) Parents Immediately Receive Permanent Residence

With this document, you can stay in Argentina unlimitedly and enjoy all the rights with your Argentinian Permanent Residency

6) One Of The Strongest Passport Globally

170 visa-free countries. The Argentine passport allows you to travel without a visa around the world. You get a visa immediately for 10 years to the USA and Canada.

7) Parents receive the right to obtain Argentine citizenship in a simplified manner. Forget visas forever, become Argentinian Citizen

Benefits Of Having An Argentinian Citizenship For Your Child

Argentinian citizenship stays forever. Soil Right At Childbirth In Argentina

No one can take it, or renounce Argentinian citizenship. This is a huge privilege of being protected by the Argentinian Government. Secondly, Argentina has no obligatory military services, so your child never be forced into military service. Education is free in Argentina. I mean Argentina has both private and public education, where the latter is also at a very high level. Argentina is an ever more popular destination for diverse students, given its good programs, reasonable fees, culture, and history.

Giving Birth In Argentina: Benefits For The Whole Family

1) Housing and Living Costs in Argentina

Due to Argentina’s notorious economic problems, the cost of living for Argentines is high and rising. However, as a foreign citizen, you will find that the cost of living is reasonable and significantly lower than in many European countries or the United States due to devaluation of Argentinian Pesos. As in many countries, the cost of living in the capital is usually higher.

The budget-friendly prices of Argentina and the vibrancy of Buenos Aires combine to make Argentina a comfortable life destination where you can enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a shoelace.

But keep in mind that finding a job in Argentina can be extremely difficult unless you speak fluent Spanish. 

Argentina is a cash-based country, but cards are becoming more common, especially in Buenos Aires. There is an APP called Mercado Pago, which has become one of the most used digital payment systems in Argentina. 

2) Argentinian Ecology Is Super Clean

In Argentina, there are no problems of environmental pollution, the first thing you pay attention to is the cleanest air.

3) Argentinian Climate is Excellent

The country is large, so the choice of climatic zones for every taste. Neither the beaches, nor the snow, nor the heat will be missed.

4) Argentina Food Products Are Super Quality

Meat, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and wine are of the highest quality. Because they grow literally everywhere here!

5) Ease Of Doing Business

The possibilities for starting your own business in Argentina are endless. Entrepreneurs pay only 6-7% of taxes.

6) Respect For Human Rights

International organizations have no fear of the observance of human rights in Argentina. From year to year, the country rises in the rankings.

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