Investor Residence in Argentina: Tailored Guide for Migrant Investors!

Ready to invest in Argentina and obtain your temporary residence? Discover how to do it easily with our step-by-step guide. We simplify the process so you can move forward confidently in your investment and migration project. Start your journey towards temporary residence in Argentina here!


The main purpose of this temporary residence is to facilitate contributions to the Argentine economy through foreign investments, making it easier to attract global investments. This benefit aims to strengthen Argentine economic sectors and provide opportunities for global investors to participate in the country’s growth as Argentinian Residents. 

Obtaining temporary residency in Argentina through investments not only provides applicants with the opportunity to enjoy an Argentine rich cultural environment, but also substantially boosts the country’s economy. You can become an active player in job creation, fostering the development of local services and production. For example, Argentina is currently one of the top countries in IT startups (Unicorns).  By being committed to doing business in Argentina, you will significantly contribute to tax payments, strengthening fiscal resources, and supporting the provision of public services. This active involvement in the Argentinian economy not only paves the way towards Argentinian nationality but may also facilitate flexibility in terms of entry and exit for the applicants, and flexible travel to Argentina, allowing seamless integration into the Argentine community while maintaining international connections. Thus, it solidifies a mutually beneficial relationship for both you and the nation. This may be extremely beneficial for those who need an Argentina travel/business visa.

Why Invest in the Argentine Economy? Key Advantages to Consider

Why consider investing in the Argentine economy? Various key advantages stand out, such as:

1. Availability of a highly qualified and competitive workforce, contributing to more efficient operating costs.

2. The current unemployment rate provides opportunities for hiring qualified talent, facilitating the formation of strong teams.

3. The strength of the foreign currency in the country provides stability and attractive conditions for international transactions, favoring the profitability of investments.

4. Pro-investment policies and emerging opportunities in various sectors.

5. Abundant natural resources – Argentina has diverse natural wealth, offering opportunities in sectors such as agriculture and energy.

6. Strategic geographical location. Its strategic position in South America makes it a key point for international trade. Argentina is in the close time zone to North America, making it easier for business connections with the US, Canada, and Europe.


Argentina’s dynamic business environment and various advantages make the country an attractive destination. If you’re wondering how to obtain Argentine citizenship, the answer is simple: Investment. Let’s bring some more examples.

Real Estate: The Perfect Time to Invest

  1. According to the Infobae portal, real estate prices in Argentina experienced a significant decrease in dollars over the past years. This decline has opened up opportunities for foreigners to buy land or properties in Argentina as a long-term investment. According to our internal analysis, the average cost of homes is expected to increase in the future. This indicates that it’s the perfect time to invest in land in Argentina now.


    Over the period from 2018 to the end of 2023, prices have seen a notable reduction, ranging from 38% for newly built units to 48% for used properties, according to various sectorial surveys. This landscape suggests significant dynamics in the real estate market, potentially offering interesting opportunities for those considering investing or acquiring properties in Buenos Aires or other locations in Argentina.

    You might be wondering how to invest in Argentina. Simply buying land or property will not give you eligibility to apply for residency; you need to engage in commercial activities. For example, you can build a small cottage in Mendoza in the Andes mountains, or Patagonia, or on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, or near Iguazu Waterfalls, etc. And then, prove to the authorities that your business plan will contribute to the local economy. Read more detailed information about Argentina real estate investment

Temporary Residence Requirements for Investors in Argentina: Key Aspects of the Application

1. Information of the Applicant - Application Letter Detailing the Reasons for the Reques

This letter must contain the following details:

a) Name / Last Name.

b) Date of Birth.

c) Passport Number or Identity Document.

d) Country of Birth / Nationality.

e) Marital Status.

f) Profession.

g) Country and City of Residence (country of origin).

h) Consulate where you will visa your passport (Argentine Consulate in the country of origin).

i) Address where foreigners will reside; Certificado de Domicilio

j) Details of the benefits that the applicant will take care of (housing, per diem, etc.).

k) Requested length of stay.

2. Commercial or Professional Background.

Refers to the submission of documents supporting the commercial or professional experience and trajectory of the applicant. This may include certificates of previous business activities, investment history, business references, and any other document demonstrating experience and success in the commercial or professional field.


These backgrounds are useful for assessing the suitability of the applicant as an investor and their ability to contribute significantly to the country’s economic development. You have to demonstrate to the authorities that you have relevant business experience in the past. If you don’t have previous experience, that’s also acceptable. We want to emphasize that having experience would be beneficial. As long as you can prove that your project will work, you will be on the right track.

3. Investment Project/Business Plan (details elaborated later below)

a. Must be signed by the Applicant, specifying the productive, commercial, or service activity they intend to develop in Argentina.

b. In addition to this, the origin and legality of the funds must be accredited.

c. Money entry into the country must be justified through authorized banking or financial institutions by the Banco Central de la República Argentina.

With the approval of the authority referenced in the preceding paragraph, the Ministry of Industry will analyze the project, and execution period, and will prepare a non-binding opinion, taking into account the following parameters:

3.1.- Nature of the investment;

3.2.- Legal viability of the project;

3.3.- Economic-financial sustainability of the project.


The Ministry of Industry may incorporate reasoned resolutions for new parameters for evaluation. Likewise, it will issue complementary and interpretative regulations as necessary.


After receiving the necessary documents, the National Directorate of Migrations will provide temporary residence, along with a specified deadline for completing the required investment, which is non-negotiable. You have an alternative option here. You can apply as a business owner, or alternatively, you can hire yourself into your own business and apply for a work permit as an employee of your company. In this case, your status will be a Migrant work permit holder.

4. Title of Ownership, Securities or Participation Titles

The Title of Ownership is required by Argentine institutions to authenticate the actual investment of declared capital. This documentation ensures that the investor’s declared capital has been utilized for specific investments, contributing genuinely to Argentina’s economic development. While some institutions may have internal verification processes, others might necessitate third-party verification for increased transparency. Contact us to navigate these requirements effectively.

5. Photocopy of your International Complete Passport.

The Detailed Process of Submitting the Investment Project

Now, let’s talk about the submission process now. This section breaks down the application process into key components, providing detailed guidance on each step.

Validation of Funds through a Bank Authorized by the BCRA

a. Select a Recognized Bank: Research and choose a bank in Argentina authorized by the BCRA. You can find a list of such banks on the official BCRA website or by contacting the BCRA directly.

b. Preparation of Financial Documentation: Gather all relevant financial documents that demonstrate the origin and amount of your investment funds. This may include bank statements, investment portfolios, and other financial records.

c. Contact the Chosen Bank: Communicate with the bank and inquire about their process for validating investment funds for the purpose of obtaining an Argentina residency by investment. 

d. Document Submission for Review: Provide the bank with your financial documents for verification. The bank will review these documents to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements set by the BCRA.

e. Banking Verification Process: The bank will thoroughly verify your financial resources. This process ensures that the funds are legitimate and comply with local and international financial regulations.

f. Obtaining Official Validation: Once the bank has completed its verification process, it will provide you with official documentation validating your investment funds. This document is crucial for your temporary residence application process.

Translation of Documents in Languages Other Than Spanish

You only need to translate it through a certified translator and then authenticate this translation at the public translator’s office located in Avda. Corrientes 1834, Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:00. To schedule an appointment, click here.


Common documents that may require translation include business plans, legal documents, contracts, investment agreements, bank transfer receipts, property titles, bank statements, financial reports, investment declarations, notarial powers, company incorporation documents, legal contracts, company financial statements, business records, relevant tax declarations, detailed investment project reports, among others.

Final Steps

To move forward successfully with your Argentina residency by investment application, it is essential to compile all required documents carefully. Ensure you have the necessary financial documents validated, and to ensure an effective presentation, obtain certified translations into Spanish for each of them.


Once you have gathered all the necessary documentation, the next step is to submit your application. Send these documents, along with the completed application form, to the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (DNM). This step is crucial to initiate the evaluation process and ensure that your application is processed efficiently.


Remember that precise and complete documentation submission is key to successfully managing your Argentina residency by investment application. Follow these steps carefully, and you will be one step closer to achieving your goal of obtaining residence in this vibrant country full of opportunities.

A Crucial Moment: Evaluation by the National Directorate of Migrations (DNM)

The National Directorate of Migrations carefully examines the business plan and documents, emphasizing financial legitimacy and the potential impact of the proposed investment. This efficient process underscores the need for transparency, diligence, and alignment with criteria to ensure Temporary Residence for Argentine Investors.


Proven financial legitimacy with the presented documentation will be of great importance at this stage. The DNM precisely examines the source of the funds for the investment, ensuring that the funds are obtained legally and comply with local and international financial regulations.

Meeting the Minimum Investment

The DNM verifies if the proposed investment capital meets or exceeds the minimum requirement of 30 million Argentinian Pesos (March 2024), approximately 30 thousand USD. This threshold is set to ensure that the investment is substantial enough to have a significant impact on the Argentinian local economy. This amount is not updated on the website of DNM, therefore consult for the updated amount.


The Temporary Residence Program for Investors in Argentina, designed to catalyze the country’s economic growth, invites foreign investors to contribute with substantial investments, exceeding US$ 30,000. This opportunity provides access to a country rich in resources and possibilities, guiding significant investments in various key sectors. Although the application process demands attention to detail, the importance of financial legitimacy and potential economic impact is highlighted, validated through a bank authorized by the BCRA, and accurate translations of documents in languages other than Spanish.


Consider Immi.Legal as your strategic ally during this process. Our commitment to transparency and diligence ensures that your application meets the highest standards. This meticulous yet efficient program not only stimulates Argentina’s economic growth but also opens substantial opportunities for global investors looking to participate in the vibrant economic landscape of the country. Trust us to guide you successfully in your quest for Temporary Residence for Argentine Investors. Contact us and let us be your reliable partner on this exciting journey!