Temporary Residence as an Investor in Argentina

Foreigners who intend to invest a minimum of ARS 1 500 000 (a minimum of one million five hundred thousand pesos is the equivalency of US$10 000), in an Argentinian good or service-related activity or sector are eligible for a temporary investors’ visa in Argentina. In order to strengthen the Argentinian economy, the government is now appealing to foreign investment.

Argentina is a large country with huge natural resources. Both domestic and foreign investors are setting up enterprises and doing business with Argentina. See a few of the factors listed below that make Argentina stand out as a desirable location for investment:

    • large, educated, and skilled worker pool
    • the abundance of undiscovered metals and minerals
    • the ability to access untapped oil and gas basins
    • conditions that are ideal for renewable energy
  • robust economic expansion

Argentinian Temporary Investors Visa Process

Investors must present their business plans, which should explain how they plan to use their 1 500 000 ARS.

To begin the application process, the investor must submit their business plan, in which they will describe how they intend to use their 1 500 000 ARS. Through a financial institution that the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina has authorized, they must demonstrate their funds (BCRA). A translation will be required if any of the documents being provided are not in Spanish but rather another language. The business plan will be evaluated by the Migration Office (DNM), which will then inform the consulate of its approval or rejection. The investor must make sure to submit the application much in advance due to how drawn out the process is.

Requirements for the Argentinian Temporary Investment Residency

It is regulated in article 23 subsection d) of Law No. 25,871, regulated by Decree No. 616/2010.

What I need?

1.- Identity Card, Passport, or Certificate of Nationality.

2.- Birth Certificate and that related to the Civil Status of the persons, according to the cause of filing invoked.

3.- Argentine Criminal Record Certificate issued by the National Registry of Recidivism or the Federal Police (Only required for those over 16 years of age). Incorporated into the RaDEX.

4.- Certificate that reliably certifies that there are no previous convictions or pending criminal proceedings, issued by the competent authorities of the countries where you have resided for a period of more than ONE (1) year, during the course of the last THREE (3) years, (Only required to over 16 years).

5.- Stamp of entry to the country stamped on the travel document.

6.- Certificate of Address or a bill from a public service in your name (ABL, electricity, water or gas).

Documentation to Submit in Order to Apply for Residence as an Investor:

a) Whoever enters this subcategory must make a productive, commercial or service investment of interest to the country, for a minimum of one million five hundred thousand pesos ($1,500,000).

b) The interested party will submit the investment project to the National Directorate of Migration, and must prove the origin and legality of the funds, and their entry into the country, through banking or financial institutions authorized by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic.

c) With the approval of the Authority referenced in the preceding paragraph, the Ministry of Productive Development will analyze the project, execution term and will prepare a non-binding opinion, taking into account the following parameters:

    • Nature of the investment;
    • Legal feasibility of the project;
    • Economic-financial sustainability of the project.

d) The Ministry of Productive Development may incorporate new parameters for the evaluation by means of a well-founded resolution. Likewise, it will dictate the complementary and interpretative norms that are pertinent. Once the actions have been received, the National Directorate of Migration will grant Investment Residency, setting a deadline for the realization of the investment, which will be peremptory.