Argentine Citizenship through Parents

According to Argentinian nationality law, individuals who have at least one Argentine-born parent are eligible for Argentine citizenship by descent. This rule is based on the principle of jus sanguinis (right of blood). Specifically:

  1. For people above the age of 18, to obtain Argentine citizenship by descent, it is required to have at least one Argentine-born parent. The necessary documents include an application, identification document, and the birth certificate of the applicant, which must be accompanied by an apostille.
    For an official information please refer to the National Constitution of Argentina
  2. Children born abroad to at least one parent of Argentinian nationality are also eligible for Argentine citizenship. Such individuals can apply for Argentine nationality in person at their nearest Argentinian consulate or embassy.
  3. The legal pathway for the “option for Argentine citizenship” particularly allows individuals born abroad, specifically children of Argentine native citizens, to obtain Argentine citizenship. This means if you are a child of Argentine parents, you can choose to become a citizen.
  4. Additionally, the spouse, child, or parent of Argentine citizens (whether naturalized or by birth) receive an instant right for permanent residence in Argentina. Moreover, spouses, children, or parents of Argentines by birth can apply to the court for Argentine citizenship instantly.

These laws highlight Argentina’s approach to citizenship based on familial connections, especially for those with direct family relations to Argentine-born individuals.

Every person born in Argentinian territory is an Argentinian national. The children of an Argentinian national born in a foreign country can opt for Argentinian citizenship. Foreigners who have resided in the country for two uninterrupted years can acquire citizenship by naturalisation.

Here is the translation of the Argentine Constitution by the United Nations.

  1. Constitution from 1949: If you come to Argentina legally, you can have the same rights as locals. After living there for two years, you can ask to become a citizen. After five years, you can become a citizen automatically, unless you say you don’t want to.
  2. Law No. 346 (1869):
    • Argentinians by Birth: If you’re born in Argentina or born abroad to Argentine parents, you’re Argentine. This also applies if you’re born in Argentine embassies or ships.
    • Citizenship by Naturalization: If you’re 18 or older and have lived in Argentina for two years, you can become a citizen. Also, if you’ve done special things like serving in the army or introducing a new industry, you can become a citizen faster.
    • Children of Citizens: If your parents become Argentine citizens, you can too, under certain conditions.
    • Procedures: There are specific steps to prove your connection to Argentina and get citizenship.
    • Rights and Restrictions: At 18, Argentinians can vote and enjoy political rights. Certain conditions can stop you from having these rights.
  3. Act No. 10,256 (1917): This law makes it easier to get your citizenship certificate, allowing you to do it in your local area.